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Soul Counsel

Spiritual direction is an ancient ministry, also sometimes known as soul friendship.  Through a contemplative lens you are invited to examine who you are and what you do, opening you up to the possibilities of transformation. 

Flow & Freedom

My chief goal, as your spiritual director is to empower your spiritual journey through art meditation and spiritual reflective practices rooted in the Christian tradition:  


  •  One-on-one Spiritual Direction:
    Understand and process your own faith and relationship with God. 

  •  Art Meditation Workshops:
    Deepen your awareness of encountering God in your life and in your creative pursuits through contemplative practices. 

  •  Art Meditation Events:
    Spread over one day or several days, throughout the year, our curated spiritual retreats offer individuals and small groups a balanced learning experience that blends personal spiritual formation with the practice of art and visual forms.  Through centering prayer /  meditation you will learn to still your thoughts and connect to the Holy Spirit, drawing you closer to God's compassionate heart




Footprints of Grace:

Maybe you're an artist or a maker or maybe you are just yearning to explore your creative imagination for the first time, well spiritual direction can support you as you engage in the creative process with contemplative awareness.  I call this process Footprints of Grace.  I believe that, through mindfulness, we can stretch our faith and experience  God flowing through us and out into our lives and work. 


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