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Sometimes I start with color, other times I start with shapes.  The process of creating often starts without my knowing it.  As it is in life so it is with my art,  it's perhaps a more risky approach,  there's a level of self-surrender  that's required to allow God's Spirit to lead.  But in many ways it's a process that allows me to be less seduced by my own talent. 


The human and the abstract forms appear together because I am involved in capturing not the who or the how but the what happens in the spaces between the two.  My work isn't metaphor or story it's more like chords of music—visual elements in agreement with each other.


My work is a figurative language in which I depict the divine that resides in the physical body.  These depictions communicate the presence of the divine spirit, or a divine spiritual state such as joy, peace, tranquility; truth and suffering. The abstractions depict the energy of the divine presence that may be within and around the body.  

My way of seeing is only possible with closed eyes, reclining, a inner silence,  achieved through a daily meditation practice and prayer. 

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